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I am an amateur photograpaher based in the East of England. Having been a keen photographer since I was a teenager mainly taking landscapes and event photography, over the past couple of years I have started to focus more on people and to develop my own particular style, particularly in mens fitness and fashion photography. Recently, I was given the opportunity to shoot with leading South African model, Nic Pletts, who himself has been featured on the cover of 'Mens Health' magazine.

The next step is to give up the 'day job' and to build a new career in photography. This website is intended to showcase my work as a photographer but also to showcase the talents of some of the models (many of them having never modelled before) that I have been fortunate to work with and whom have given up their time, trusting me to make them look good.


I am always looking for new models so if you would like to shoot with me, please visit the 'Model for FactorX' page.


If you would like any further information then please email me at info@factorxphoto.com

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